Your name is SKAUTE JERMAY.

You are the youngest in your friend group and the most SPRY. You are speedy, which is useful since you're a TROUBLEMAKER and often end up in places you SHOULDN'T be. You grew up in a lowblood town with the constant threat of being CULLED. If anyone else were from where you was from, they'd be fuckin' DEAD.

You love drinking ENERGY DRINKS infused with UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES. They make you even FASTER and STRONGER than before! You have a SWEET SPOT under your VERY TOUGH EXTERIOR for LADIES. You were so enthusiastic about LADIES that you were out of your mind with joy when you found out that you ARE ONE YOURSELF.

Your trolltag is ravishingRunner and you ==Are constantly on the MOVE, y'know?!=

What will you do?

> Skaute: Inspect Records.