text taken from the caption of my 8th anniversary art.

picture this. it's 2017 and you're at a friend's house. the friend is telling you about a cool game and all its wonderful secrets. she boots up the game and shows it to you. undertale.

your life changes forever.

you want to draw your favourite character from the game. sans. so you pick up a pencil and scribble on your wall. I will practice until it is perfect. you draw these characters every day. you have sketchbook upon sketchbook filled with these characters. you write about them. you create songs on your iPhone 4 voice notes. you cry to sad comic dubs. you make a mettaton costume out of paper and you wear it to your halloween disco. you write a letter to the creator to make a sequel and you never post it. you buy shirts and wear them everywhere in hopes of finding someone else who loves it as much as you do. these characters are more than characters. theyre like friends. you imagine yourself hanging out with them.

sometimes, in private moments, you curl up in bed and wish to travel to that world. if you wish hard enough, maybe it'll come true.

this game is the most important thing in the world to you.

six years later, and the game and its successor is still everything to you.

the 'you' in this story is Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee:3 if it isnt obvious

undertale was my first fandom and my special interest. it's shaped me as a person. i looove it soo much.