Adventure Time - Lady Rainicorn
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name: tommy
other aliases: jakey, pyro, joey, dashie, mugsy
pronouns: zomb/zombs, toon/toons, they/them
age: 17
birthday: 10/06
nationality: australian
classpect: page of hope
orientation: nonbinary lesbian somewhere on the aroace spectrum
feeling: The current mood of Xx_zombiecavities_xX at

hey there! i'm tommy!! my current main interest happens to be TF2, which i got into fairly recently. however, it isn't my special interest. my special interest is undertale, deltarune, underverse and any other au that peaks my interest. i'm also a massive homestuck fan (despite its many flaws). plus, im a furry and a brony.

i love bright colours! i adore rainbows and sparkles and bright colourful webpages!! i love to see art with bright bright colours, and i love looking at mary sue ocs with eye-bleeding colours!! i love graphics that are messy and bright and i love outfits with too many accessories and i love rooms packed with colourful STUFF!!!

i live with chronic pain. its a big struggle that affects my day to day life. full spinal fusion and all that... im getting through it, though! slowly. veeeerrrryyyy slowly.

my greatest passion is worldbuilding and character design. i have a world ive been working on for a looong time that might someday get its own section on the site!!!! id link my oc but its a huuuuuuuuge wip... most of the character pages are not open to the public yet!! anyway ive been working on the story since... 2020? i think? technically, the characters are from ALL different stages of my life, hehe.

im fictionkin! yeah, i'm one of those... o.O!! i have many, many kins but, umm, the main four are...

i'm also otherkin/therian. specifially an australian shepherd and a zombie.

MUSIC: ken ashcorp, will wood, britney spears, sharax, glass animals, the living tombstone, jack stauber, S3RL, crystal castles, grimes, weird al, in love with a ghost, deadmau5, fraxiom, or3o, set it off, babymetal, ghost and pals, vocaloid, nightcore, breakcore, lofi, food house, electro swing, nyxtheshield, vylet pony

GAMES: deltarune, undertale, TF2, hiveswap, bendy and the ink machine/dark revival, splatoon, cuphead, a hat in time, night in the woods, goat simulator, super mario franchise, sonic franchise, doki doki literature club, oneshot

TV: my little pony: friendship is magic, the cuphead show, adventure time, bojack horseman, BBC's merlin, project sekai, popee the performer, saiki, aggretsuko

OTHER: homestuck, the homestuck epilogues, TF2 comics, petscop, catastrophe crow, mystery flesh pit, monument mythos, underverse, eddsworld, lil pootis, east park



found on the website i cannot link individual ones as a lot of these are frum ages ago...


my favourite food is spicy korean fried chicken bowl but im picky with what restaurant it comes from.

i dont really have an "aesthetic" i just like rainbow things and things related to toxic waste.

my favourite colour is RAINBOW! a contender is any shade of green thats my favourite solid colour. and hot pink i loooooooooove hot pink. and cornflower blue.

i have a whole set of shelves in my room dedicated to stickers. i collect them.

i like my steak rare.

i had a panda special interest when i was younger. like the animal. i threw a party once to celebrate the fact they are no longer considered critically endangered.

im double jointed in my fingers.

my first social media was the moshi monsters game.

my mcdonalds order is a filet o fish and a strawberry milkshake.

i main bloblobber in splatoon 2 & 3.

i hate game theory. i want to fight matpat. i hatewatch the channel with my friend on call.