Quick infodump for context
Voiced by Grant Goodeve and Nolan North; Engineer is one of the main nine mercs in Team Fortress 2. His gameplay is designed to consist of running around the maps, building things, and then guarding those contraptions. He builds dispensers (refills health, ammo and metal), teleporters and sentries (automated turret that kills enemies at range). He's a difficult class to master, but a powerful one if learned.

He is a soft-spoken, easy going, apple-pie Texan. He's incredibly smart, in fact he has eleven science PhDs. Dell Conagher, the red Engineer, comes from a family of scientists, his grandfather even created several machines that could make someone live forever. In the comics, Dell is shown to be maintaining the same machine for the Administrator. He's the most level-headed out of his team, however, his polite indifference and occasional glee in the face of violence, plus the fact he removed his own arm in order to replace it with one of his own creations, well... it certainly helps him fit in. Engineer has also been known spit out insults at his enemies and delve into controlled outbursts of rage. Much, much less than his colleagues, though.

Why I love Engineer

1. He's reliable. Inside the game and out, Engie is nothing if not reliable. A true support class. He doesn't let emotion or, well, sadism, cloud his rational. This isn't to say he isn't emotional, in Expiration Date his appearances range from showing his resigned guilt, to his shocked rage to his excitement. He is so cute when he's overjoyed !!

2. His voice. I could listen to his voice lines all day. I never thought I'd find an over-exaggerated Southern drawling voice like his attractive, but here we are. His voice actor is actually an actor who has been in a few movies!! Learn more about Engie's voice actor in this video! Video by Shork, a TF2tuber legend .

3. He's brutal. His cool and kind nature is quite intimidating when paired with his merciless tendency to mow the enemy down with his creations, laughing and cheering the whole way through. He'd put a bullet in your head with a smile. His pleasantness under those circumstances translates to mocking cruelty.

4. He's caring. Engineer is shown in True Meaning to be reading a book to Pyro; someone who the rest of the mercs fears. In The Naked and the Dead, Dell frets over the Administrator only having an hour or so to live. Engineer is a dad-coded character, he loves barbeque and beer and he has that firm gentleness to him that really reminds you of the quintessential dad figure. A DILF, if you will.

5. His affinity for his sentries. Engineer treats his guns like they're sentient. He's clearly very proud of them, calling them beautiful, cute and often talking about how much he loves them.

6. Engineer is really hot. I'd have to get this eventually. Hilariously, I am actually a HUUUUUGE and I RARELY find men like him attractive. I wasn't at all surprised when I started thirsting over Medic (in fairness, I also headcanon her as transfem), but ENGINEER? He's bald and middle aged... not my usual fictional comphet at all. I think it might be the goggles. I'm a sucker for a fictional man with most of his face covered. I honestly lose most of my attraction toward his physical appearance when I see art or models of him without the goggles XD! Sorry, Engie, keep the goggles on.

7. Engineer players. Seeing an Engie on your team is a relief, regardless of how you feel about the players themselves. As long as they listen to the other players and don't spend the whole time maintaining their sentries, Engineers are a useful ally.

Emesis Blue Engineers
Emesis Blue is a fanfilm created by Fortress Films. It's a psychological horror movie with an emphasis on the violation of worker's rights, at least that's an interpretation of mine. I won't go into my interpretation (which includes a lack of support for traumatised workers, drug abuse that can come with a system failing you, and sacrificing millions for the top 1%), what's important here is the ENGINEERS!!!!!

There are a LOT of Engineers in Emesis Blue.
First of all are the brothers seen toward the beginning of the film; known only as the Conaghers(1 & 2). It's unknown if they're literally related, or just two of three clones that have accepted each other as brothers. The two of them run the Conagher slaughterhouse together in a place recognisable as 2fort. The two of them wear grey clothes that appear red and blue depending on the lighting. They seem to be unaligned with either the RED or BLU teams.
Another Engineer that we see is the Zombie Engineer. He was a failed outcome of Respawn. A mangled corpse attempted to bring life.
The Conaghers' third brother is DELL. We never actually see Dell in person, both examples of seeing him are in hallucinations. One by Demoman (4), and one by Dr. Ludwig (5).

My favourite Engineer is Emesis Blue is the first one, the one who tortures Scout. He awakens something inside of me...